About Us

Zenger is the world's first digitally native wire service with global distribution. Owned and operated by journalists, Zenger is independent and transparent.

Zenger aims to restore trust in news, and to reward journalists and news outlets in a new way for producing stories that inform, entertain, and hold leaders and institutions accountable.

Zenger’s unique software allows readers to click and verify quotes, sources and underlying documents. Anonymous sources are not permitted. Artificial intelligence detects and corrects many clichés, grammatical blunders and logical fallacies.

Zenger rewards its open network of journalists by sharing advertising revenue with the people who create the content. These payments come electronically, arrive in days instead of months, and continue as long as people continue to read the articles—akin to how actors receive residual payments for TV advertisements.

Zenger provides wire stories to news outlets with no upfront cost and shares advertising revenue with them. Instead of subtracting from their bottom line and deepening a struggling industry's challenges, Zenger adds to their top line.

Zenger is dedicated to bringing high-quality news content to overlooked communities, and promotes the broadest possible variety of voices and subjects.

Zenger is a product of Z News Service, Inc., a Delaware Corporation. The majority of shares are held by journalists who work for Zenger. The minority shareholders include investors and funds in Paris, London, New York, Salt Lake City and Dallas. No shareholder is involved in campaigns, lobbying, politics or any other topic Zenger covers.